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Nimbus Seeing Enhanced PSN Release

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Is it a racing game? Is it a puzzle game? Whatever it is, it’s coming to PlayStation Network.

While still in its early development stages, Nimbus+ expands on the already awesome Nimbus (which is still available on Steam for a very reasonable $9.99), adding additional content that was cut to release the original on time. As aspected, Nimbus+ will also address some of the weaker elements of the original. The exact list of changes is not yet known, as Noumenon Games is still hard at work porting the code.

PC adopters will not be left in the cold on this release, as they plan on migrating any possible improvements to the PC version as well.

A demo of the original game is available on Steam, but make sure you own a controller. While the game is playable on mouse and keyboard, it really shines with thumbsticks.

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