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Is Nightwing Coming to Arrow and Man of Steel 2?

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If rumors are true, we might be getting a double dose of Nightwing very soon….
Seems that everyone’s favorite sidekick turned superhero, Dick Grayson, has found himself part of some pretty awesome rumors the last couple weeks. The first of which dropped last week, and involves a certain superhero team up movie that might also be including a famous bat. The most recent rumor though might be the most interesting however. Nightwing might be coming to Arrow, and given the timing of the rumored casting, this Nightwing story could end up leading to some really big things for the DC universe.

The first Nightwing sighting came last week from the Latino Review, who claims that actors are being sought for the role of an adult Dick Grayson for the new Batman/Superman movie. They go on to say that the actor would be required to preform martial arts, but would no longer be Batman’s sidekick. Now at this point Warner Bros and Zach Snyder are being very tight lipped about any casting news, so everything right now is rumor and speculation, but Latino Review has been pretty accurate in the past on secret movie news. Plus given that we know the Batman in Man of Steel 2 is an older version of the crime fighter, having Nightwing around would fit the time frame. Even if it was just a small role, having Grayson in the movie would be a great way to help set up other future Batman, Justice League, Teen Titan, or possible solo Nightwing movies. Nightwing has become a very popular character over the years and more than that he is an important member of more than one group of superheroes. If Warner Bros and DC are seriously committed to a shared and expanded superhero universe, adding Nightwing would be a great move. This rumor makes almost to much sense to not be true.

The other Nightwing rumor that came out this week is that the character might be making his way onto CW’s Arrow. Now while nothing has been officially confirmed, this rumor is being fueled by Vampire Diaries actor, Stephen McQueen. He’s been taking to Twitter and sharing some interesting information. The first was a twit pic of him working out in a Nightwing t-shirt with the simple description, Nightwing training. Now I know this is hardly proof that Nightwing is on his way to our televisions, or that McQueen is anything more than a just fan of the character. But two days later, McQueen follows up the workout tease with a tweet that says “Had some superhero conversations with the executives this weekend” @ARROWwriters. Given that CW airs both Vampire Diaries and Arrow, McQueen would certainly have connections to Arrow’s show executives, but does this mean he is in actual negotiations to play Nightwing? And does this mean Nightwing is actually coming to Arrow? With Arrow already introducing the Flash this season, bringing in a character like Nightwing would fit with this season’s theme of diving head first into the larger DC universe. Not to mention the fact that Arrow has already mentioned Bludhaven, Nightwing’s chosen city to protect, all the way back in season one. CW adding Dick Grayson would be a smart move, his character would match the tone and style of Arrow perfectly, and the episodes could also be used as a launching point for a Nightwing spin-off series, like what is currently planned for the Flash.
The most interesting parts of these rumors is the timing. With the reports of both the movie and show looking for a Nightwing leaking within a week of each other, it could be possible that Stephen McQueen has actually been cast to play the character in both Arrow and the Batman vs. Superman movie. When the Flash was announced earlier this year as part of the new season of Arrow, it was widely speculated that DC might be trying to build one big superhero universe the way Marvel had. Having the same actor play Nightwing in both the show and movie would prove it’s actually happening. With Arrow’s second season underway and Man of Steel 2 set to start shooting in February of next year, we should get some solid answers to our questions soon enough. Until then feel free to dream of Ben Affleck showing up on Arrow, or Stephen Amell as part of the inevitable Justice League movie….

Is Steven McQueen a good fit for Nightwing, and does the thought of a DC universe spanning television and movies get you excited? Let us know what you think in the comments below!!!!

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