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Nielsen 360° Gaming Report

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damnit it's the Nielsen report, not the Nelson report, get it right!

Guess how much of the gross entertainment dollars in the United States go toward the gaming industry? The answer may shock some of you.

Only a paltry 4.9% of all of the money spent on entertainment went to the gaming industry. While that may seem a small number, keep in mind that it placed 6th on the overalls being beaten by stuff like dining out and monthly TV bills.

This is only the median percentage of those they polled. The people who used gaming as their main source of entertainment were found to have near 10% of their monthly income spent on gaming…kind of where I was a few years ago. There’s a few other gems to be found in reading the whole report, but the most surprising is that the people that identified themselves as gamers were more likely to do non-gaming (read that as physical) activities than the others they polled.

Nielsen Report

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