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Ni no Kuni Has My Full Attention

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Fap no Kuni IMO

Studio Ghibli (Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away) has teamed up with Level 5 (Professor Layton) to make an RPG that will both becoming to the DS and the PS3, and all us guys here at WPR…at least the RPG fans plan on importing it if the game does not get a wide release. Ni no Kuni (The Another World) seems to be faptastic. You may ask why we’re basing this on a trailer only. If so, you’ve obviously not seen the game in action yet.

In the trailer posted above you see what very well may be the saving throw for the JRPG genre. Very few studios put out role-playing games in Japan that pick up here in the US. Many of us have simply become too jaded towards the genre.

However, there are studios like Mistwalker who seem to be doing it right. Now I think we can add Level 5 to that group. The game looks simply gorgeous, the battles look to be fun, and the characters (thanks to Studio Ghibli) seem to be more realistic than the typical one person saving the world tripe that we’ve been fed for too long.

The game for the DS and the PS3 is being developed parallel so that the versions will essentially have the same story, but graphically different. I repeat, the DS version will not be a simple remake for a handheld. You can expect the DS version this fall and the PS3 version to hit sometime next year.

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