Next Left 4 Dead DLC Announced, Not So Free On Xbox 360

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Seriously, what's with all of the old L4D images on Google search?

Whether you think they were pressured by the L4D2 complainers or not, Valve have announced the next instalment of DLC for L4D1. The new campaign will be entitled “Crash Course” and takes place between the end of “No Mercy” and the beginning of “Death Toll”, although this confuses me since I thought that all of the campaigns were their own separate stories and not connected. It will be available in both campaign and versus and supposedly versus mode will only take 30 minutes to complete on this map which begs the question, how short will the campaign be? Finally, while it will be free on PC, it will cost 560 moon bucks on the Xbox 360, which is £3.91/$5.75. Now firstly, of all of the companies, I thought Valve would have been the company to make it free for 360 owners. After all, the survival pack was free on Xbox 360, so why not here? Secondly, can I justify half an hour of content for that price? Maybe, maybe not. We’ll see when “Crash Course” hits in November.

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