Next game film adaptation is…Zombies Ate My Neighbours?

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Yeah, out of all of the video game franchises in the world, I wouldn’t have expected this to get a movie adaptation.It’s true though, a film based on the Super Nintendo and Megadrive game is currently in development. The screenplay is being written by John Darko (Nothing, Nadda and Diddly Squat) and he is currently looking for financers. April Wade and Ahmed Al Bakar are producing and the film will be loosely based on the original game, but, as the article puts, will feature its own “coming of age” high school story. Oh boy, I haven’t seen that in a shit ton of other films. On the bright side, Zeke and Julie from the game will make an appearance and it is currently being pitched as a zombie comedy, rather than taking a serious approach. The article even claims that it’s John Hughes meets Judd Apatow and George Romero. I somehow what doubt that particular PR line.

I’m not really sure how to respond to this. Surely it’s a bit late to be making a film adaptation of a game that came out 18 years ago? Besides, do we really need another zombie comedy? We already have the excellent Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland, so the setting of the game just makes me think this will be more of the same or a pale imitation. Still, that’s my cynical first thoughts. What do you guys think?

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