New Whiplash Outfit Revealed

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Now there’s not many of us here at Media Whore Network that aren’t excited about Iron Man 2, personally the first Iron Man is my favorite super hero movie and I cannot wait until we get to see a proper version of that sweet footage from San Diego Comic Con whilst the footage was quickly removed from the internet, I’ve included footage from the panel after the jump.  On their website this morning Marvel have released a new image of Whiplash from the upcoming comic miniseries Iron Man vs Whiplash. Now this isn’t a confirmation of what Whiplash will end up looking like  in the film but I’m guessing that in the footage we’ve already seen he is only in his Mark I armour, just after he’s broken out of prison and not his final form.  Jon Favreau knows how to keep the fans happy so I can see something like this making it into the film and Mickey Rourke would pretty bad ass in this get up.

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