New Trailer For The Beatles: Rock Band And More Songs Announced

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There wasn’t any other information about the game today but Harmonix have revealed more of the setlist, bringing the total announced songs to 25. You can watch the new trailer above that shows some of the new songs as well as some of the new dreamscapes. (Yellow Submarine motherfuckers!) The newly announced songs are listed below. As more of the setlist is revealed, I’m getting more and more excited about The Beatles: Rock Band. Usually I would say that the songs should just be DLC but seeing the effort that has been put into the game, I can’t help but want the game.

Twist And Shout

Do You Want To Know A Secret

Can’t Buy Me Love

I Wanna Be Your Man

Eight Days A Week

Paperback Writer

And Your Bird Can Sing

Yellow Submarine

Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band

With A Litte Help From My Friends

Within You Without You/Tomorrow Never Knows



Dig A Pony

I’ve Got A  Feeling

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