New Trailer and Posters Revealed For Star Trek Into Darkness

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A new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness is available! As May 17th draws ever closer, we are starting to see more little tid-bits like this! One thing for sure is this Star Trek Into Darkness will be epic! It seems that J.J. Abrams may go down in history as the geek’s best friend of all time. We are hosting a discussion on this movie over on our new forum Giant Tanuki if you want to join in click the link and enjoy the madness!

Hey folks! this just in! Want to win tickets for you and a friend to see this for free? How about a week before it’s in theaters? How about watching it while sitting with Simon Pegg, John Cho, and Alice Eve? Want Autographs? Sure no problem! You just have to be in or willing to travel to Seattle, WA as that is where the event is! ENTER THE CONTEST HERE! 

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