Alan Smithee

New Thundercats Wondercon Trailer

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I could be wrong, but I think the narrator guy sure sounds like Christopher Lee.

I’ve been pushing the hell out of this show ever since I first heard about it a while back, and all I can think now that I’ve seen this trailer is that I was right. This series looks to be much better than the original series from the 80s…but considering it was that formative time period to many of us, we all give it a pass.

In the trailer, there were a few items of note. First off, HOLY SHIT MECHA! Second, we finally get to see what the series villain Mumm-Ra looks like.

The series is coming out this year and we can’t wait to catch it on Cartoon Network. I think I’ll have to add going to WonderCon to my “WPR needs to attend” checklist.

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