New Singles: (It’s Not War) Just The End Of Love

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The new track from Manic Street Preachers made its debut this morning on Radio 2, XFM, Absolute and Radio 6. It is the first song from the Welsh band’s 10th album which is out on 20th September. This single will be out a week earlier on the 13th September. You can listen to it in the Youtube video above.

I’ve played the song a few times now and it is a very catchy track. It’s also a very different sound to the previous album, Journal For Plague Lovers. This track is closer to the sound of the band’s late 90s albums, with a large emphasis on the backing orchestra. It’s no surprise either considering those LPs are what made them most popular commercially and Nicky Wire even called the album their last effort at “mass communication”. Of course, I’m a big fan of the band (Watching them this October infact) so I anticipated that I’d enjoy the track. Whether you’ll feel the same is up to you.

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