New screenshots of Settlers 7…..Wait, there was a Settlers 6?

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Seriously, who makes these games? Oh that’s right, Ubisoft does. How silly of me. Well new screenshots were released and we have some of the best for you to peruse. I have to admit that while I’ve never played or barely heard of this game, the screenshots do look pretty good. And the game has been around since the old Commodore Amiga days; they called it Serf City then.

I think they should have stuck with that name.

The only time I’ve ever referenced Settlers with a game is of the Catan variety. Normally I relate it to German peasant porn. Settlers is a slow-paced simulations and strategy game. From what I’ve read (since I’ve never heard of, much less played, the game) the entire point of the game is to build a kingdom, like many sim games, but by doing this you either build structures or attack them. You can follow one of three paths; Military, Science or Trade. I think I don’t really need to go into detail on each of those. The rest of the game is taken up by determining supply routes for your many peons you will acquire/build/birth throughout the game. That’s right, in this game you tell peasants where to walk!! Exciting!!

I guess if you were a Supply Chain or a Logistics officer for some corporation this would appeal, but the gamer in me thinks I should be doing something more important with my time….like making sammiches and eating cheetos…..naked….I’ll stop there.

You can check out the entire gallery of screen shots here if you really want to. Sorry but I’m too lazy to download them all.

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