Alan Smithee

New Screens for NBA Jam on the Wii

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Wow, I had no idea this was even being considered…much less getting a complete remake and headed to the Wii only! It’s official though EA is in-fact making a new NBA JAM that will be Wii only! The game is still based on 2D gameplay (that’s a good thing kids) and from the pictures, it seems we’ll have Big Head mode for all the superstars.

I haven’t picked up a new game for the Wii since Punch Out, but if this is anything like the original, it’ll be a must have for me. I can recall fondly pumping an inordinate amout of quarters into this machines back when arcades were the kings of the video game universe, and when it finally got a home console release…I was the one kid in the neighborhood who actually had a Super Multitap for the SNES and the extra controllers needed. SQUEEEE!

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