New Releases for the week of 2/22/10

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I have returned from a long hiatus to the site. I don’t come empty handed, oh no. I wouldn’t dare dream of doing that to you, would I? With the beginning of a new week, it’s time for the weekly release list, a quick look at what’s coming out this week.

The date below is the release date, so don’t expect most stores to get it until the next day. Also note that I’m not going to list shovelware, or else this list would go on forever.


Halo Wars (Platinum Hits) – X360 – $29.99 – Includes the DLC for the game, which is a $20 value. Since the DLC is all multiplayer content, if you just want the original game, you can find it for $20 at most retailers.

Risen – X360 – $49.99 – Already out for PC and reviewed favorably although it seems the 360 port isn’t as strong.

Endless Ocean Blue World- Wii – $29.99 – Sequel to Endless Ocean. This allows online play and the ability to teach a dolphin!


Sonic & Sega AllStars Racing – PS3/360/Wii/NDS – $29.99 – 49.99 – Sonic, Ryo from Shenmue, and a host of other Sega characters take to kart racing, which of course begs one question: Why is Sonic in a car? Bonus: 360 version has Banjo and Kazooie playable.

Last Rebellion – PS3 – $49.99 – RPG with two main characters, one good at fighting and one good at magic. You’ll need to switch between the two to defeat enemies.

Metal Slug XX – PSP – $19.99 – More Metal Slug is never a bad thing. My hope would be that this goes up on PSN soon.

Hevay Rain – PS3 – $59.99 – Dante’s Inferno proved that tits do not make a good game. So how about tits with the interactive plot of a thriller movie?

So, anything interesting for you guys this week? Heavy Rain and Last Rebellion are about the only things I’m interested in.

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