Alan Smithee

New Rage Trailer

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Holy…friggin’…crap…I’m serious, I think I just dropped a pantload while watching this video. Id Software opened up QuakeCon with the trailer you just saw up above for RAGE, the Fallout 3-ish, Mad Max-ish, The Hills Have Eyes-ish game that has sprung from the deviant minds of the same people who brought us Doom and Quake.


What I loved most about the clip above is that the game is unapologetically derivative of so many other things that have come before it…but it still looks fresh and new. I don’t know what it is about me and playing games that have post-apocalyptic themes, but I eat it up like candy. The vehicle combat looks great, the animation is very fluid throughout the trailer, and probably most important, it that it makes me WANT to play it. Kudos to you id Software.

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