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New Promos Announced for “Duels 2012”

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According to a sales solicitation released by Wizards, the promos for purchasing this summers “Duels of the Planeswalkers 2012” include three titans.

The following are the promos for each respective platform:

Frost Titan – Steam Purchase.
Inferno Titian – PS3 Purchase.
Grave Titan – Xbox Purchase.

Of those three, the one that sees the most play is Grave Titian. It is featured predominately in a Blue – Black Standard deck that uses it as the main win condition. I’ll probably buy both the Xbox and the Steam version to get both of those in promo versions. I love “Mr. Frosty” as we call him and promo versions for my Elder Dragon Highlander decks would be welcome. You are required to print off a confirmation code and bring that in to a participating store to get your promo card. You’ll be able to find participating stores closer to the release date of this game. Store Locator

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