Ryan Thomason

New Mortal Kombat Movie? Seriously in the Works.

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Will it be better than the craptacularly awesome in a weird way 90’s movies?

First, there was the Short Film, Then the Webseries, and people say add a dash of nearly 3 million purchases of the new Mortal Kombat game you get a New Movie. Who is directing? Kevin Tancharoen, the creator of the mentioned short film and webseries, or the guy that breathed life back into the Live Action segment of this game. He had this to say when he was talking to Entertainment Weekly recently:

Up to this point, we’ve only been talking ‘rated R.’ I like realistic takes on things, I like it when it’s a little darker and grittier. And I want the martial arts to feel real as opposed to balletic and super-choreographed. It needs to feel brutal, because that’s the nature of the video game itself.

You have to give the guy a big tip of the hat for not only breathing life into the live action for this game, but sticking to a franchise movie line that a lot of people thought was dead. I honestly hope the movie turns out great and Tancharoen gets his due time in the limelight. That, and I want to see people get brutal fatalities.

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