Alan Smithee

New Mass Effect 2 Screens

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ME2 pic5
I hope you wanted to know more about Thane, the newly confirmed in-game squad member that we originally saw in the teaser trailer a few months back…’cause that’s all you get in these screenshots.

There’s also a picture of a massive weapon on Shepard’s back, so that’s new. Oh you can also see the Normandy in the background so at least we know that we’ll see the interior of that ship again and hopefully Seth Green as Joker, and the xenophobic XO who’s name eludes me at the moment.

The character that occupies the screenshots you see before you is a Drell assassin who prefers close combat over long-distance sniping. He’s gotta be a badass, I mean, look at him. He’s got just about ZERO armor and looks amazingly like Abe Sapien from the BPRD comics.

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