New Mass effect 2 DLC: The Lair of the Shadow Broker!

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More Mass Effect is always a good thing, and Bioware aims to please with the announcement of a brand new expansion to Mass Effect 2 entitled “The Lair of the Shadow Broker”. Commander Shepard will team up once again with Dr. Liara T’Soni on her mission for vengeance against the mysterious Shadow Broker.

For those of you who don’t sporadically read the Mass Effect wiki for hours at a time, or haven’t played the first game a good dozen times since launch, here at the facts and details you need to know to understand the upcoming DLC package.

The Shadow Broker is an enigmatic figure that deals information and other goods throughout the galaxy, illegally. During a comic book mini-series entitled Mass Effect: Redemption, starring the popular Asari character Liara T’soni, a party member from the first game, had dealings with the Shadow Broker revolving around a rather important item in the Mass Effect mythos. Liara took a turn for the worse, and became a cold heartless information broker, focused on nothing but finding The Shadow Broker and killing him. This conflict will more than likely be the focus of the DLC.

With the news, Bioware also released 3 images from the DLC pack. If you notice in the image located at the top of the article, it features an entire party and Liara. This probably means that Liara will actually be added as a full party member, and likely just be a 4th fiddle.

Coincidentally, this was also the role she played when you first meet her in the first Mass Effect.

Given Bioware’s history with Mass Effect DLC, it’s probably safe to say this content will cost about $7 dollars (aka 560 Microsoft points), and will be released when it’s god-damned ready (Unlike Dragon age DLC which frequently isn’t ready and needs massive patches).

Mass Effect fans get your biotics ready, because we are about to travel in to the Lair of the Shadow Broker…at a currently undisclosed time. Keep watch here at WPR as we give you more info as it comes along. Until then, leave us some comments below or over at the WPR forums.

* I’m really excited
* The news of the liara DLC was actually leaked somewhat in the source code of an update
* The Code also implied the possibility of a PS3 port, as for truth of that, well I don’t know
* Seriously read Redemption, it’s great stuff, and you can read it on your iPhone!

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