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New Manga Releases for the Week of June 9, 2015

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This week sees new manga releases from Fantagraphics, Kodansha Comics, Seven Seas Entertainment, and VIZ Media.

Arata: The Legend Volume 22 manga coverArata: The Legend Volume 22 by Yuu Watase
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99 Get it for $9.13!

Desperate to save Kotoha, who hovers near death, Arata and the others decide to enter the town ruled by Ikisu, one of the Six Sho. In the midst of an intense battle against the team of Ikisu and Ameeno, Arata realizes that the townspeople are getting hurt. What does he decide to do?

D-Frag! Volume 5 by Tomoya Haruno
Seven Seas Entertainment – MSRP: $12.99

Once upon a time, Kenji met The Game Development Club and got his butt kicked by four strange girls. But even the formidable ladies of the Game Development Club have enemies that scare them: the superpowerful former student council. When the ex-council members kidnap Kenji and threaten to destroy the club, Kenji must figure out a way to save both the Game Development Club and whatever dignity he has left. The solution? A game, of course.

Deadman Wonderland Volume 9 by Jinsei Kataoka
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

The residents of G Ward have won their battle with the Ko Unit, but have been badly injured by the intense fighting. Meanwhile, Ganta gathers what strength he has left and joins Makina. Together they head for the top level of Deadman Wonderland to attempt to deliver the Endae Faust – the Final Fist – that will put an end to the insane plans of promoter Tamaki. But what they find waiting for them may lead to even more despair.

Girls und Panzer Volume 4 by Girls und Panzer Projekt
Seven Seas Entertainment – MSRP: $12.99

It’s the National Tankery Finals, and Ooarai Girls’ Academy faces their toughest opponent yet: Kuromorimine Girls’ High School. Led by Nishizumi Miho’s elder sister, Maho, who follows the ruthless doctrines of Nishizumi Tankery Style, Kuromorimine brings a powerful array of tanks to the field that will test Miho’s strategic skills as a commander and Ooarai’s ability to work as a team. This match will also force Miho to come to terms with her past, as she faces off against former teammates and friends.

Magi Volume 12 by Shinobu Ohtaka
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

When the Al-Thamen organization threatens Sindria, Sinbad and his retainers, the Eight Generals, move to repel them. The battle lines form in a struggle that may engulf the world as a great mystery starts to become clear. How many Magi are there? How many of them can the world hold at one time, and what will happen when the natural balance is upset? Aladdin’s quest for knowledge may hold the answers.

Say, I Love You. Volume 8 by Kanae Hazuki
Kodansha Comics – MSRP: $10.99

It’s time for the school Culture Festival, and Yamato seems like a shoo-in as the male School Idol Contest winner. But Megumi’s entered the contest too, and the prize is a date night for the winners. For the first time, Mei decides to put herself out there, but, with her priorities now straightened out, Meg’s been rejuvenated, too. Who will win the hearts of her classmates and walk away with Yamato?

Wandering Son Volume 8 by Shimura Takako
Fantagraphics – MSRP: $24.99

Nitori-kun, a boy who wants to be a girl, explores kissing with his girlfriend Anna-chan, and Yoshino-san, a girl who wants to be a boy, finds the courage to go to school wearing a boy’s uniform. Meanwhile, one of their male classmates, Doi-kun, who has caused our protagonists misery in the past, becomes intrigued with their grown-up friend Yuki-san, a transwoman. But Nitori-kun finds himself strangely drawn to Doi-kun.

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