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New Manga Releases for the Week of February 2, 2016

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This week sees new manga releases from Dark Horse Comics, Kodansha Comics, Seven Seas Entertainment, and VIZ Media.

Kamisama Kiss Volume 20 manga coverMy “Pick of the Week” goes to VIZ Media’s release of Kamisama Kiss Volume 20.

Kamisama Kiss Volume 20 by Julietta Suzuki
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99 Get it for $7.66 on Amazon!

It’s the third day of the school trip, and it looks like Nanami and her friends will finally get a chance to enjoy Okinawa. However, Mikage pops up with a shinshi assignment for Tomoe – deliver a gift to the local shrine maiden. But the simple errand has complicated consequences as Tomoe is forced to face Nanami’s mortality and the seeming impossibility of a yokai and a human living together happily ever after.

The other new manga releases coming out this week include:

Assassination Classroom Volume 8 by Yusei Matsui
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

The 3-E students head for the lair of the enemy to stop a deadly biological attack. But blocking their path are three master assassins: Smog, Grip and Gastro, who excel, respectively, in the use of poison, brute strength and guns. With their teacher Karasuma down, Karma and his friends face terrible odds. And even if they defeat their foes, how will they wrest the antidote from them? Worse, it turns out the mastermind behind the attack is someone they know.

Behind the Scenes!! Volume 1 by Bisco Hatori
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

Ranmaru Kurisu comes from a family of hardy, rough-and-tumble fisher folk, and he sticks out at home like a delicate, artistic sore thumb. It’s given him a raging inferiority complex and a permanently pessimistic outlook. Now that he’s in college, he’s hoping to find a sense of belonging. But after a whole life of being left out, does he even know how to fit in?

Bleach Omnibus Volumes 40-42 by Tite Kubo
VIZ Media – MSRP: $14.99

The Soul Reapers and Aizen’s Espada forces are fighting a vicious battle over Karakura Town, with the fate of all the residents in the balance. But while his hometown faces destruction, Ichigo is stuck in Hueco Mundo dueling against the Espada Ulquiorra. Pushed to the breaking point, Ichigo’s only hope of winning is to unleash his inner Hollow. But with the monster free, will anything be left of him to claim victory?

Food Wars! Volume 10 by Yuto Tsukuda
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

It’s the last quarterfinal match of the Fall Classic. Takumi Aldini, looking for another chance to challenge Soma, faces off against the smug-looking Subaru Mimasaka. What’s making him so confident? The truth—and the dish he prepares—sends the entire auditorium into an uproar.

Giganto Maxia by Kentaro Miura
Dark Horse Comics – MSRP: $13.99

One hundred million years in the future, the Empire of Olympus uses colossal mutant beasts to crush its adversaries. Only the gladiator Delos, the mystic Prome, and the titan Gohra can hope to prevent genocide.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendency Volume 2 by Hirohiko Araki
VIZ Media – MSRP: $19.99

The battle against evil takes a diabolical twist as more Pillar Men awaken. Now it is up to Joseph Joestar and his new ally Caesar Zeppeli to try and stop their nefarious plan. But these are creatures of unimaginable power, and JoJo and Caesar will have to get a lot stronger to even stand a chance.

Kiss Him, Not Me Volume 3 by JUNKO
Kodansha Comics – MSRP: $10.99

Recently, Kae made a new friend. Her name is Shima and she’s the most handsome girl Kae’s ever met in her life. She also happens to be one of Kae’s favorite doujin authors ever. Shima invites Kae over to her house and the most unbelievable thing happens.

Magika Swordsman and Summoner Volume 3 by Mitsuki Mihara
Seven Seas Entertainment – MSRP: $12.99

When humanity discovered an alternate dimension filled with magical and mythical beings, the world as we knew it would never be the same. Humanity soon learned to harness these extra-dimensional forces and summon mystical beings into their midst through the power of “summoners.” Years later, 15-year-old Kazuki Hayashizaki is chosen to be the first male summoner. His attendance at an all-female summoner school is met with much opposition, especially from his sister, a magical swordsman whose task is to guard summoners. Now she finds herself in an inferior position to her brother Kazuki, and will stop at nothing to thwart him. As Kazuki struggles against his sister’s machinations and the other female students in school who try to demean him at every turn, can he overcome adversity and learn to become a first rate summoner?

Maid Sama! Omnibus Volumes 5-6 by Hiro Fujiwara
VIZ Media – MSRP: $14.99

Misaki gets involved in her friend Sakura’s love life when she’s invited along to meet Sakura’s favorite band. But when Sakura’s crush is more interested in Misaki than Sakura herself, it’s up to Usui to intervene. And when the heir to a restaurant conglomerate makes an offer to buy the maid café, how far will Misaki go to save it?

Monster Musume Volume 8 by Okayado
Seven Seas Entertainment – MSRP: $12.99

What do world governments do when they learn that fantastical beings are not merely fiction, but flesh and blood -not to mention feather, hoof, and fang? Why, they create new regulations, of course. “The Interspecies Cultural Exchange Accord” ensures that these once-mythical creatures assimilate into human society or else. When hapless human 20-something Kurusu Kimihito becomes an involuntary “volunteer” in the government homestay program for monster girls, his world is turned upside down. A reptilian lamia named Miia is sent to live with him, and it is Kimihito’s job to tend to her every need and make sure she integrates into his everyday life. While cold-blooded Miia is so sexy she makes Kimihito’s blood boil with desire, the penalties for interspecies breeding are dire.

My Hero Academia Volume 3 by Kohei Horikoshi
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

A sinister group of villains has attacked the first-year U.A. students, but their real target is All Might. It’s all that Midoriya and his classmates can do to hold them off until reinforcements arrive. All Might joins the battle to protect the kids, but as his power runs out he may be forced into an extremely dangerous bluff.

One Piece Volume 77 by Eiichiro Oda
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

The secrets of Trafalgar Law’s past are revealed as we flash back to 13 years in the past. Just how did Law gain his devil fruit powers? Meanwhile, in the present, the battle for Dressrosa heats up as the Straw Hat pirates face off against the Doflamingo family.

QQ Sweeper Volume 2 by Kyousuke Motomi
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

Fumi’s image keeps overlapping with that of Fuyu, Kyutaro’s childhood crush, who remains in his thoughts to this day. Meanwhile, Fumi starts to work as a Sweeper with Kyutaro’s family, but she struggles with keeping her past a secret. Has Fumi finally found a place to call home or will her cursed past catch up to her?

School Judgment: Gakkyu Hotei Volume 1 by Nobuaki Enoki
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

At Tenbin Elementary, there is only one way to settle a dispute – in a court of law. All disputes bypass the teachers and are settled by some of the best lawyers in the country, who also happen to be elementary school students. The accused this time is a boy named Tento. His crime? Murder of the beloved class fish Suzuki. Luckily for him, the state has sent him a defense attorney, Abaku Inugami. But is this wild young lawyer skilled enough to argue his client off the hook?

So Cute It Hurts!! Volume 5 by Go Ikeyamada
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

Things between Megumu and Aoi couldn’t be better. They’re even managing to navigate Aoi’s need to stay two feet away from women, and they go on some cute dates. But her twin brother Mitsuru’s love life isn’t going as smoothly. He’s fallen head over heels for Aoi’s sister Shino, but it looks like Shino’s heart belongs to someone else. Mitsuru’s used to fighting, but will he figure out how to fight for love?

Toriko Volume 32 by Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro
VIZ Media – MSRP: $9.99

Toriko, his chef partner Komatsu, and the other Four Kings finally reach the first stop on their journey to the Gourmet World. Upon arrival they learn that the Daruma, Mayor of Hex Food World, is sick and the only thing that can save him is Acacia’s Salad – Air. They must travel through Hex Food World to find and prepare Air. But when Toriko comes face to face with a pregnant and cranky Nightmare Heracles, what is he to do? What will happen when Toriko faces off against this monstrous mother-to-be?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Omnibus Volumes 13-15 by Kazuki Takahashi
VIZ Media – MSRP: $14.99

Using one of his brainwashed pawns to fight for him, the mysterious Marik traps Yugi in a deadly cage match against one of the most powerful cards in the world: Slifer the Sky Dragon. Then, duels rage around Battle City, and up first, Jonouchi fights Ryota Kajiki, Duelist of the Sea, on his home turf at the Domino City Aquarium. Then Marik’s henchmen, the Rare Hunters, force Kaiba and Yugi into a tag-team duel on top of a skyscraper. But the worst is yet to come when Mai and Jonouchi become possessed by Marik. Now, Yugi must fight Marik’s mind inside Jonouchi’s body. And the rules of this duel say only the winner comes out alive.

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