Ryan Wilson

New Magic: The Gathering Game Coming, YuGiOh Players Cry.

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Magic: The Gathering TacticsWizards of the Coast and Sony Online Entertainment announced today that the series that launched a million nerds, Magic: The Gathering, is receiving yet another game.  The new game is titled Magic The Gathering – Tactics, and as the title already suggests will not play exactly like the card game.  Being a guy who’s suffered through many, many shitty MTG games in the hopes that maybe this one will faithfully reproduce the spirit of the card game I knew and loved, my hopes aren’t too high for this new one.   It is said to feature both a single player and multiplayer PVP mode, full 3D models and spells, and regular expansions. The upcoming turn-based strategy will be “taking the Magic: The Gathering Multiverse places players have never seen” claims SOE president John Smedley.  Lets just hope he proves me wrong.

Magic: The Gathering – Tactics is currently planned to be available early 2010 for PC, with a PS3 release to follow afterward.

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