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New Lucius Fogg Novel, Tweeting it Live

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Dan Wickline is attempting something that I haven’t quite seen before. He is writing his new novella The Werewolves of Paddington Court: a Lucius Fogg Mystery via twitter updates. Yes, every part of his novella update will be in 140 characters or less. Essentially, you get to watch him write in a semi-live type of format. Starting today, and running through the completion of the novella, you can watch him tweet his way into a book.

I think this is pretty cool, not very often do we get to see something being made on the spot, all the details coming out before hitting the bookshelves. My only concern is that if I take a look at the first draft of any of my writings, I cringe. Dan either has a very set plot line. Or he really, really doesn’t mind people see him make grammatical errors and write parts that just don’t make sense for the story that eventually get taken out during editing.

You can keep track of his twitter novel here, it’s interesting so far, definitely something to see where it goes! http://www.Twitter.com/LuciusFogg

Dan Wickline has written for the 30 Days of Night franchise as well as Grimm Fairy Tales and Wonderland. He is currently scripting 1001 Arabian Night: The Adventures of Sinbad and ShadowHawk: Resurrection. Besides Lucius Fogg, Wickline has written short prose fiction for such classic pulp characters as The Phantom, The Avenger and The Green Hornet. You can read more about Wickline at http://www.danwickline.com.

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