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New L4D2 Details and a Video

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Man, the glut of Left 4 Dead 2 information just keeps rolling in. For all of you doubters who thought that the new L4D was going to be exactly like its predecessor, do we have news for you.

As of writing this, there are 2 new types of zombies that you’ll encounter/be able to use, and new items to use to your advantage.

First up is the ‘Spitter’ who does exactly like his name entails. Like Dennis Nedry meeting his untimely end in Jurassic Park at the hands of the dilophosaurus. When groups go against the spitter, they’d better take care that he doesn’t lob his zombie phlegm into the middle of the group, it acts as an area-effect weapon and can easily scatter your team into the loving arms of other zombies.

Second, you have the “common-uncommons” (as Valve puts it). These are a bit harder to explain. Besides sounding like the asshole-ish fast headcrab-zombies in HL2, they are level specific…meaning that each map has it’s own CUs.

Finally to the items, the pills are going to be replaced with more ammo packs and adrenaline. The adrenaline pick-up acts as it would if you took it in real life. The zombies won’t be able to slow you down, and it gives your character an advantage in melee.

For those of you needing an example of what adrenaline can do, watch this scene from Pulp Fiction.

Thanks to Kotaku for the details and video.

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