Alan Smithee

New Kinect Commercial Makes Me Facepalm

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I don’t care how much 24 karat gold that you wrap around this thing, it’ll be a turd no matter how hard you try selling it to me otherwise. Like much of anything that Microsoft tries to hedge their way into, it’ll take a few billion dollars and a lot of time before they’re able to capture the hearts and minds of the already Wii-ified crowd of casual gamers out there.

They did it with the original Xbox, and damnit they’re going to do it again with the Kinect. I don’t have any strong hatred towards motion controls, but I do have a problem with a control interface being purported as one thing, but delivering something else entirely…like I was with the Wii and the damned waggle.

Maybe I’ll be sold when my daughter begs me to get her Kinectimals…which will probably happen.

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