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New information from the Magic: The Gathering Comic-Con Panel

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Just like everything else under the sun, Magic had a panel at comic-con.

We now know of three more Legends in the upcoming “From The Vault: Legends” release. We get Kresh The Bloodbraided, Kiki-Jiki, The Mirror Breaker, and Sun-Quan Lord of Wu. Each of these will be sporting new art and this will be the first time that Sun-Quan will be printed in black boarder. Get ready for more Horsemanship in Commander folks.

We also got a plethora of new information from the upcoming Fall expansion, Innistrad. It will be “classic horror” and will be not only a graveyard block but will also sport tribal elements as well. Vampires are going to be returning. Predominately in red and black, this will be the first time we see traditional “black” creature types in different colors. Werewolfs are coming to stomp all over red and green. And the most interesting of which will be Zombies. Zombies will be in both blue and black. They revealed that the “blue” zombies will be more like Frankenstein monster science experiment type zombies and that the black ones will be more “traditional”. While they didn’t announce any other tribes for white, we can safely assume that “Spirits”, Magic’s “Ghosts” will be making an appearance. I would imagine they would fit them into white and green.

There are going to be two new planeswalker cards in Innistrad. One will be for Liliana Vess, and another “familiar” planeswalker. Early bets are on Kiora Atua and Ral Zarek who were “spoiled” in the latest “Duels of the Planeswalkers” release.

The last major bit of news we heard was about the first expansion to Innistrad, called “Dark Ascension” which will lend to many mispellings on my part. The tagline for that set is “Command the Night”.

A few things to take away from the panel. I’m curious if we will see another Odyssey style block. Meaning, I’m curious to see if one of the sets will be “disproportionate” like they did with Torment and Judgement. I always liked the idea that drafting a set where you may not have equal color distribution to be a great idea and maybe it will be implemented better this time around. I doubt that they do this, but it is an idea. I would like them to do it for different color combinations however. It would be really fun to see a Blue focused set and a Red focused set for example.

One thing is for sure, I’m really excited to build a blue-black Zombie deck.

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