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New Info on The Promised Terry Gilliam Don Quixote Movie

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It’s been in development hell for the longest time, and at one point it was believed as dead, but the Terry Gilliam movie “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote” finally has been updated with new information.

First off, it’s no longer a period piece set in the 17th century, but set in the modern day. Also, it’s not about Don Quixote himself, but about the main character’s movie of Don Quixote which turned people mad, to drink, or into whores. I kid you not, that was Terry’s own words there.

The film is set to begin shooting after Xmas of this year, with any luck it will be a bit more successful than Dr. Parnassus, which is a fine film if you’ve never seen it. Any time Tom Waits can get a role, I’m there.

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