New Homefront trailer shows the ‘Second American Revolution’

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While Japan might not be getting the North Koreans, the rest of the world is and Kaos have release a new trailer today showing you freedom loving Americans showing the rest of us how to fight against foreign oppression.I find myself liking the story idea for this game but at the same time not caring. While the theme of an uprising against foreign invasion hasn’t been done to death like modern war or the middle east, it’s still a first person shooter, and a pretty dull looking one at that. The only difference is that it’s Koreans instead of unnamed terrorists. Even then we’ve seen foreign invasion done recently with Turning Point: Fall of Liberty and Modern Warfare 2. The whole attitude of the game, at least in this game trailer, just comes off to a foreigner like me as dudebro patriotic American masturbation, as if no other country in the world would fight back. It would much more interesting to see a foreign invasion in a different country. Of course, the first Resistance game took place in Britain but even that has now moved over the pond in its sequels. Even more interesting would be a Middle East or Eastern Europe invasion from the perspective of the ‘enemy’ or the people living in the country, rather than the American invading forces. I don’t necessarily think the game will be bad, but I just believe a lot more could be done with the foreign invasion concept.

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