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New Guidelines for Movie Trailers Need Enforcing

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How many times have you gone to a movie, after paying a goodly amount of money to do so, and spent the next 15-20 minutes watching trailers that seem to go on for ever and ever? Well, we’re in luck (kinda) as the National Association of Movie Theater Owners has released a series of new VOLUNTARY (see, there’s the kinda) marketing guidelines.

trailer guidelines

I get that some movie theaters have to show trailers, but one change that might make a positive effect is the average length of trailers has been docked from 2:30 down to just 2 minutes flat. This may get movie studios all riled up because they use the captive audience in theaters to pimp the new flicks coming out. The studios see the trailers as one of their best marketing streams because the fact you can’t skip them and are forced to watch makes theater-goers want to see the films that they just watched a good chunk of.

I personally don’t care for the length of trailers nor do I think it has much to do with how many you’re forced to see. What I really hate is watching a trailer that gives the entire movie away in just that short 150 seconds. A prime example of this is the new Robocop trailer that pretty much lets you know the entire plot. Albeit that many such said spoiler filled trailers only piss off those of us who are in the know, not the sheeple that don’t wait with bated breath for each new piece of info to drop on new flicks.

I just wish they would do more of what Chris Nolan did with the The Dark Knight and just tease and provide voice-over, not show the big bad villain, not show the huge action scene, just let it happen organically damnit.

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