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New Girl (Fox) – Mini Review

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In case you’re not a part of the Zooey Fan Club, she’s on a new show on Fox, and damn was it funny.

So, the show that I know a lot of you were waiting for, but were being quiet about it. Well, I needed to break the silence. What I watched last night was a show that I’m really, really hoping Fox doesn’t pull the cancel trigger they are so happy to do without a hesitation. When a show starts with my wife not sure about it, to “We are totally watching this” feeling by the end of the episode was a nice plus in my book.

So, what is New Girl about? Well Jess (Zooey Deschanel) drops in on her boyfriend for some Afternoon Delight, and well, he already got started without her. So, she obviously needs a new place to stay and answers a Craigslist Ad that three guys put out (though she thought they were women from the way they described the place).

Most of the episode was Jess crying on the couch watching Dirty Dancing, going out for rebound sex at the urging of her roommates (yeah, how is that not a guy thought to do), singing little ditties (apparently a trait the character has, and it does have its moments.) and just being generally quirky with some geeky references tossed in. I’m not sure if the geek stuff was thrown in to satisfy us dorks, but I liked them.

The guy roommates are an interesting bunch, Scmidt is that guy who gives people (and has) dumb nicknames that make them think they are sexual gods but are really just douche bags (hence why there is a d=bag jar he has to donate to when they think he’s being a douche). Nick, is a just dumped but not over it, but pretending he’s over it type. And then there is Coach, the trainer that has a problem communicating with his female trainees (He just yells at them in a very screaming way). Apparently though, you shouldn’t get too attached to Coach here in the first episode, because a show he was on BEFORE this one got another season, so there will be a new guy that most white people won’t notice the change anyways because we’re all passively racist like that.

In the end, not only is this not a mini review, but was a good start for the new fall season. With my DVR being pushed incredibly hard for the next couple of weeks there are going to be a lot of shows watched, and dumped forever. New Girl has made the cut, and we’re ready to see where this show takes us.

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