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New Gears 2 DLC Sounds Amazing

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Major Nelson recently had Epic’s Cliffy B on his podcast and discussed the upcoming DLC for Gears of War 2, titled Dark Corners. On the podcast, the designer revealed to us that the content was originally in Gears of War 2, but was cut out of the game’s release.

Marcus and Dom are actually going to the Locust homeworld and they’re basically suited up in Locust armour and have a choice – because they knocked out a couple of Therons – they can go in guns-blazing as they always do, Rambo-style, or they can go with a more stealth approach, so it’s a little bit of stealth in the Gears universe.”

This is the first single-player DLC that the guys at Epic have done for the Gear of War universe, and frankly I’m such a fanboy for that game series, I can’t possibly wait for the expansion to hit the innernets next week. It’ll run you a whopping 800 MS points (I’m being facetious, $10 isn’t that bad). I’m just really happy that the game companies are starting to take notice of us non-multiplayer folk.

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