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New Earthbound is IMPOSSIBLE According to Itoi

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Anyone who lived through the SNES era of Japanese Role-Playing Games knows exactly what Earthbound is, and who the creator of that wonderful series is. I, of course, am referencing Mr. Shigesato Itoi. Well, he’s got bad news for you sequel hounds.


In a tweet the other day, a fan asked him to please consider making Mother 4 (the Japanese name for Earthbound, though it’d be Earthbound 3 here). His response was a very gracious but unquestionable “Impossible”. If you know moonspeak, it’s linked below.

The good news is that Earthbound is headed to the US and Europe later this year…if you needed some good news to cover the sting of an absolute NO. There’s been no word on whether we’ll ever get a localized version of Mother 3.


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