Jill Seale

New Diablo III Trailer Shows Off Companion System

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Everyone has something they look forward to in the distant future. Some people can’t wait for jetpacks or teleportation rays; I’m looking forward to Diablo III. Today, I can whet my appetite with a teaser of some of the followers that may be accompanying my crazy witch doctor around Sanctuary.

According to the video, you can enlist the aid of one of several followers, including the obligatory female Enchantress, the crossbow-weilding Scoundrel, and the pious Templar. There appears to be a good bit of customization options for your followers, both functionally and cosmetically. You can equip your follower with a weapon, an amulet, and a pair of rings. You can also customize their skills. Pretty deep for a little bugger that follows you around pew-pewing things, huh?

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