New Comics Wednesday: Predators #1

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Hey, guess what?  It doesn’t suck.  Isn’t that what you wanted to find out?

In preparation for unleashing Robert Rodriguez’s (Sin City, Desperado, Spy Kids) vision of Predators on the film world on July 9th, Dark Horse Comics gives us the comic book tie-in/prequel, which supposedly Rodriguez had creative input in.  Hey, it worked for Star Trek, right?  This is a good comic to pick up if for nothing else than to get a sense of where this film reboot may be going.  And from the looks of it, where it is going may not be half bad.

With such a recent history of mismanagement of the Predator franchise, it’s good to know that there are people out there who understood the appeal of the original(s?) and took care in writing them in such a manner as to not leave readers with the taste of their own vomit welling up in the back of their throat the same way many did while sitting in darkened theaters viewing Alien v Predator (whoever wins– we lose $10 and 2 hours of our life we’ll never get back) and AVP2: The Search for More Money.

The comic is, in fact, two stories in one book.  The first is “Welcome to the Jungle”, a tale of US soldiers fighting in Afghanistan who suddenly find themselves transported to a jungle where they are immediately under fire from invisible enemies.

There’s great attention to detail here: notice how when the soldiers in Afghanistan all point their laser-sited scopes at a terrorist the three dots converge in an all-too-familiar pattern?  How a suicide bomber is not much different from a fallen Predator? The subtle undertones about human savagery in warfare?  All we’re missing is 2 future governors of California and Minnesota and Carl Weathers….

The second story is back story of Adrien Brody’s character.  This is interesting, because I never thought about Adrien Brody being scary or imposing and was worried about him in this role. Doubt resolved– If he can be as brutal and clinical as he is depicted in this story, it might make for an interesting showdown.

Kiddies beware: this is also just as violent and bloody as a Predator book should be.  Not for little ones.  Pick them up a copy of Owly instead. (And yes, this is also mostly to let the rest of you violence-frenzied reprobates know that there’s lots of ‘splosions, lots of people getting their heads shot through, and even some dismemberment and guts raining down on survivors.  Bloody good time.)

This is not only worth reading, it has me salivating for the next issue, which we only have to wait until next week for.  I doubt there is a higher compliment for a comic.

This will set you back a cool $2.99 – not bad for what you’re getting.

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