New Comics Wednesday: Meta 4 #1

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I have no clue what I just read…

But I do know it was a Ted McKeever comic, and I am happy; very, very happy.
Meta 4 #1 is the first Ted McKeever work of a longer nature that is his own creation in a few years.  I have always looked forward to these strange books.

As I said, I am not sure what I read.  There was 32 pages of it. 

I know the story involves a boardwalk, a man in a spacesuit, a Santa Claus, and an seemingly unrelated conversation between police officers and dispatch.  I am not sure what will come next after this issue; I only know I want to read all five issues of this mini-series.

If you have not read a Ted McKeever comic, you are doing yourself a disservice.  I would call his pictures Art.  This black and white series is no different.  I have all of his major early work: Transit, Eddy Current, and Metropol.  Something about his incredibly skinny or incredibly big characters with their beady eyes just gets me. 

This will be another comic book that people either hate or love.  Enjoy it with me, and we can look down on the uncultured people who need their comics in four colors and their characters in capes.

Bottom Line:  $3.50/$3.50

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