New Comics Wednesday: Hack/Slash: My First Maniac #1

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The popular indie is back.  Tim Seely has moved his creation to Image after refusing to deal with Devil’s Due Comics any longer.  This is the first issue of four in a short mini-series.   Are Hack/Slash fans going to be satisfied?

As this is a first issue at a new publisher, Mr. Seely is trying to draw in new readers while not alienating his long time fans.  The story centers on a flashback that tells a new story, but told in a way that allows for new readers to find out about Cassie Hack and her strange life. 

Hack/Slash started life in 2004 as a mini-series, so this move away from an ongoing series (like at Devil’s Due) does not seem to be a major setback.

What does this move and new series mean for the older comics?  The big news comes regarding the omnibuses.  Not only Image is reissuing the first (third printing) on June 22 and the second (second printing) on August 10, 2010, they will be publish a third, new omnibus. 

This one will be released on Sept 10 and include material up to issue 34, originally published by Devil’s Due.  Good news for the addicted Hack/Slash fans and, maybe, the new fans that this new mini-series will create.

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