New Comics Wednesday: Dr. Solar – Man of the Atom Issue #1

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cover of Dr Solar: Man of the Atom #1

Here’s a fun comic franchise I had literally never heard of before. And a great introductory issue if you, like me, are new to this character.

The story is similar to many we’ve heard before: and I’d scream “RIP OFF” citing Bruce Banner or Dr. Manhattan if this character hadn’t been invented long before those two.  Freak atomic accident give scientist ability to manipulate matter, including his own body.  He can become light, or gamma rays, or photons, or anything he wants.

And he’s brought some friends along.

While fixing the accident that created him, which would have threatened to create a miniature black hole and swallow the planet, he also did some meddling in the space-time continuum for personal, and less than noble reasons, which has caused manifestations of super powered villains to also appear in our fair city.  And yet these characters seem to have sprung from the mind of a local writer… this all gets somewhat meta, which is fun for the rest of us along for the ride.

This comic combines modern techno-babble and current debates about the perils of the CERN super-collider with classic golden and silver age typologies and dialogue.  The first several pages could have come from anything done by Stan Lee/Jack Kirby back in the 60s.  But there is a swirling undercurrent of dark nuance that there is more impending doom here than the polished veneer would have us believe. It’s compelling and I want more.

This book also contains a classic Dr. Atom story, too, for your reading pleasure.

Bottom Line: This is a lot of fun.  Well worth your hard earned cash and a title I’m interested in reading more of. 3 stars

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