Ryan Thomason

New Blade Anime Trailer is Out, I’m Still a Skeptic

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Take a look for yourself first. Now, yes, that does look cool and probably better than the second and third movie (hey the first one wasn’t that bad) Mind the fact though, that this was a 30 second clip, and we didn’t get to see anything but brief splashes of stuff going on. What the oh, dialog is going to be like during the show is still up in the air, and hell, it’s on G4. G4 the station I liked infinitely better as Tech TV. If you have no idea what I’m saying, you missed out on the fun.

So, take a look at the clip, and think about setting your DVR at least for the first episode on January 13th. If any new clips pop up, or something more substantial like a preview of some actual showtime goes up, I’ll put them up for you. Until then, I’ll remain skeptical to this show. Anime or no.

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