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New Anime Releases for the Week of February 3, 2015

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Here are the new anime releases coming out this week, which include series being released for the first time on home video, resissues of Studio Ghibli films, and more.

Ben To Complete Series SmallerBen-To: Complete Series Blu-ray/DVD Combo | Blu-ray/DVD Combo Limited Edition
FUNimation Entertainment – Sub & Dub – MSRP $64.98 | $69.98

When a young, broke high school student joins the Half-Priced Food Lovers Club, he becomes a rising talent in the world of insane food fights. In Ben-To, chopsticks are lethal weapons and the supermarket becomes a battleground when consumers battle for half-priced bento boxes.

Coppelion: The Complete Series
VIZ Media – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $69.99

A catastrophic event has turned the old capital of Japan into a wasteland and changed the lives of its people. Decades later, three schoolgirls known as Coppelion set foot into the now forsaken city. The Coppelion are genetically engineered humans created to withstand the lethal conditions of the contaminated city, and their mission is to rescue the humans who are left behind.

Golden Time Collection 2 DVD | Blu-ray
Sentai Filmworks – Sub – MSRP: $49.98 | $59/98

Since Banri Tada lost all his memories he’s been literally haunted by the spirit of the person he was before the accident. Now that Banri has fallen in love with a different girl than his old self had, the ghost of Banri past steps up his efforts to sabotage this new relationship with every power at his disposal.

Gurren Lagann Volume 4 Blu-ray
Aniplex of America – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $59.98

Peace has returned and humanity is once again thriving on the surface. Simon is now Supreme Commander of the New Government and he and Nia are engaged. But, just as Lordgenome predicted, when the population hits one million, their peaceful world is once again faced with destruction.

Leviathan – The Last Defense – Complete Collection DVD | Blu-ray
Sentai Filmworks – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $59.98 | $69.98

The land of Aquafall is a paradise, where life flourishes in peace and abundance. But when meteors rain down, each impact spawns hideous monsters sent by an enemy that wants to claim the world for its own. The fairy Syrup is on guard and knows what to do, recruiting a team of young women to form the Aquafall Defenders.

One Piece Collection 11 DVD
FUNimation Entertainment – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $34.98

Sanji stows away on the Sea Train and is joined by a wandering warrior named Soge King. Chopper mounts a courageous rescue attempt in the rapidly rising waters of a storm. Nami comes up with a plan to save Robin, while Zoro teams up with a samurai frog. Meanwhile, Luffy launches an impulsive attack that could spell doom for everyone.

Pom Poko Blu-ray/DVD Combo
Buena Vista – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $36.99

The tanuki of the Tama Hills are being forced from their homes by the rapid development of houses and shopping malls that is taking place. As it becomes harder to find food and shelter, they band together to fight back. This includes practicing and perfecting the ancient art of transformation in order to appear as humans in order to scare off the advancement of civilization.

Porco Rosso Blu-ray/DVD Combo
Buena Vista – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $36.99

Porco, a man whose face was transformed into that of a pig by a mysterious spell, infuriates a band of sky pirates with his aerial heorics. Curtis, a rival of Porco’s, is hired by the pirates to “get rid” of him.

The Rose of Versailles Part 1 DVD
Nozomi/Lucky Penny – Sub – MSRP: $39.99

This historical fiction shojo series from the 1970s focuses on Oscar, a girl who was named and raised as a boy because her father was so desperate to have a son to preserve the family name. At 14, Oscar is appointed Commander of the French Royal Guards and is assigned to protect Marie Antoinette, who is engaged to the French prince and future king, Louis-Auguste.

Tales From Earthsea Blu-ray/DVD Combo
Buena Vista – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $36.99

Based on the Earthsea fantasy series by Ursula K. LeGuin, the film is set in a mythical world with magic and bewitchment. In the land of Earthsea, crops are dwindling, dragons have reappeared, and humanity is giving way to chaos. Lord Archmage Sparrowhawk and the troubled young prince Arren go on a journey of redemption and self-discovery as they try to find the force behind the mysterious imbalance.

You’re Being Summoned, Azazel Complete Collection DVD
Nozomi/Lucky Penny – Sub – MSRP: $39.99

Akutabe is a detective who summons demons to do his dirty work. His new part-time employee, a young college girl named Sakuma, is forced into a demonic contract with Azazel, a lazy, lustful, and depraved demon.

Which ones will you be picking up this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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