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New Anime Releases for the Week of February 24, 2015

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This week sees new anime releases from Aniplex of America, Eastern Star, FUNimation Entertainment, Sentai Filmworks and VIZ Media.

hack Sign Complete Series anime cover.hack//SIGN Complete Collection DVD
FUNimation Entertainment – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $39.98
Buy it! .hack//SIGN: The Complete Series

Tsukasa awakens inside The World, an immense online RPG filled with monsters, magic, and mayhem. When he discovers he’s unable to log out of the game, he joins forces with a colorful group of characters and begins a quest to find his way back to real life.

Diabolik Lovers Complete Collection Blu-ray
Sentai Filmworks – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $39.98
Buy it! Diabolik Lovers Blu-Ray

Yui Komori has spent her life sheltered by the Church and the man she thinks of as her father, but she’s going to a new home with a very different kind of family waiting for her. She discovers she’ll be living with six men, and they’re all vampires. Yui’s life will never be the same.

Flame of Recca Complete Collection DVD
Eastern Star – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $69.95
Buy it! Flame of Recca Complete TV Series

Recca Hanabishi has sworn to serve the person who can defeat him in battle. Despite his martial prowess, penchant for traps, and his family’s fireworks, his battles amount to little more than schoolyard brawls. When a mysterious woman confronts Recca and tells him he’s the last survivor of an ancient clan of ninja, the chosen one born with the power to control fire, his whole world is turned around.

Kill la Kill Vol. 4 DVD | Blu-ray | Limited Edition
Aniplex of America – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $39.98 | $49.98 | $74.98

With both Kyoto and Kobe now under their control, the only region left for Satsuki to conquer is Osaka. Kaneo Takarada, the student council president of Naniwa Kinman High School, is not about to surrender so easily. Meanwhile, Ryuko rides in on her motorcycle to retrieve Senktseu’s final piece from Satsuki.

Koimonogatari: Hitagi End Blu-ray
Aniplex of America – Sub – MSRP: $74.98

On January 1st, Hitagi Senjyohagara calls her nemesis, Deishu Kaiki, to request his services. The request is a bitter choice for her to make, but one that would save her and her dear Koyomi Araragi from a “death sentence.”

Legendary Armor Samurai Troopers OVA Collection DVD
Eastern Star – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $34.95

The forces of darkness threaten to overrun the world, but five courageous young men aided by their magical armor, fight the forces of evil. They don’t know each other, and in fact, may not all like each other. But they have been bound together by fate and destiny.

Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions Complete Collector’s Edition Blu-ray/DVD
Sentai Filmworks – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $129.98
Buy it! Love Chunibyo & Other Delusions Collector’s [Blu-ray]

Yuta was afflicted with “chunibyo” in middle school, a state where he’s so desperate to stand out that he’s convinced himself that he has secret knowledge and hidden powers. With a lot of work and effort, he’s finally managing to overcome his delusions to the point where he thinks he’s ready to start high school with all his cards in order. His efforts to rid himself of his chinubyo seem to have attracted the attentions of another sufferer named Rikka, who’s decided that this makes him her soul mate.

Space Brothers Collection 1 DVD | Blu-ray
Sentai Filmworks – Sub – MSRP: $49.98 | $59.98
Buy it! Space Brothers: Collection 1 [Blu-ray]

Mutta’s life has hit rock bottom: he’s been fired, blackballed from his profession, and has had to move back in with his parents. The career of Hibito, Mutta’s little brother, has taken off as he trains for the job Mutta once dreamed of becoming: an astronaut. Mutta finds himself wondering if it’s ever too late to go after your dreams. Through a little coercing and a bit of covert activity, Mutta’s family and friends can get his resume on the right desk, but from that point on it’ll be up to Mutta himself.

Tiger & Bunny the Movie 2: The Rising DVD | Blu-ray/DVD Combo
VIZ Media – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $19.98 | $29.99
Buy it! Tiger & Bunny The Movie – The Rising Combo Pack (Blu-ray + DVD)

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi, a.k.a. Wild Tiger, and Barnaby Brooks Jr.’s partnership comes to a sudden end when Apollon Media’s new owner Mark Schneider fires Kotetsu and moves Barnaby back into the First League, pairing him up with Golden Ryan, a new hero with awesome powers and a huge ego to match. When the heroes are sent to investigate a string of strange incidents tied closely to the city’s Goddess Legend, they discover three super-powered NEXTs plotting to bring terror and destruction to Stern Bild.

Violence Jack Complete OVA Collection DVD
Eastern Star – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $24.95
Buy it! Violence Jack Complete Ova Series

After a devastating natural disaster, the Kanto region in Japan is now a wasteland of lawlessness, where the weak are playthings of the strong. Ruled with an iron fist by the Slum King, the people of Kanto have no hope left to them, living at the whims of raiders and bandits. In this hellish world, there is only one man with the power to stand up for the powerless, and his name alone strikes terror into evil hearts – Violence Jack!

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