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New Anime Releases for the Week of February 10, 2015

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This week sees new anime releases from Eastern Star, Sentai Filmworks, and VIZ Media.

Comic Party Complete Collection anime DVD coverComic Party Complete Collection
Eastern Star – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $39.95

Taishi, the ultimate otaku, drags his friend Kazuki into a world of ambition, hatred, and love – the world of fan comics! Clueless Kazuki must sink or swim when he’s dumped right into the middle of a massive comic convention. Kazuki’s childhood friend, Mizuki, isn’t about to let him be dragged from his normal life without a fight. But will she be able to stop the addictive draw of the new world that lies before Kazuki?

Engaged to the Unidentified Complete Collection DVD | Blu-ray
Sentai Filmworks – Dub – MSRP: $49.98 | $$59.98

Kobeni’s 16th birthday gift is an arranged marriage! Thanks to her late grandfather, Kobeni has been engaged to a total stranger since childhood. Even though she’s supposedly met her finace before, she doesn’t remember anything about him. It gets even weirder when Kobeni’s mother and sister are unsurprised when the groom-to-be, Hakuya, and his younger sister appear on the family’s doorstep to move in with them!

Reideen Collection 2
Sentai Filmworks – Dub – MSRP: $49.98

As the attacks by the Mechanical Beasts continue to escalate and Earth’s defenders struggle to develop new technology to stop them, the mystery surrounding the planet’s greatest protector only deepens. Why has the robot-like goliath known as Reideen chosen a high school student like Junki Saiga to be its pilot?

Sailor Moon Season 1 Set 2 DVD | Blu-ray/DVD Combo
VIZ Media – Sub & Dub – MSRP: $44.82 | $69.99

Sailor Moon, Sailor Mercury, and Sailor Mars continue their quest for the Legendary Silver Crystal as two new powerful allies join the fight. Sailor Jupiter is the tall and tough Guardian of Thunder, and Sailor Venus is the Guardian of Love and the most experienced member.

Sailor Moon herself gets an impressive new power and learns more about the mysterious Tuxedo Mask. The final ordeal with Queen Beryl looms on the horizon, and it will take everything the Sailor Guardians have to be victorious!

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