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New Akira Reboot News Makes Me Optimistic

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Wait, Akria might actually be good? You can take it that way when you look at the street cred of the writers. Children of Men, Iron man, Cowboys and Aliens, what do these three movies have in common? Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby worked on the screen plays. Did you know that while we’ve been wringing our hands about how Akria is being remade into a live action movie, these guys were behind the script for it? Does that even change your opinion even though you can’t deny these are awesome movies they wrote?

Nordling over at Aint it Cool News interviewed them both for Cowboys and Aliens, but it was the Akira talk that got me interested in the interview. Here are some snippets:

Mark Fergus:

I think AKIRA, the thing we said when we were given the project from the creator who wrote the books, who directed the film, Otomo, had basically given his blessing to – “The original… don’t treat it like a holy text, treat it like a spring board for re-imagination of AKIRA.” And we approached it the same way we do with all existing material, whether or not they are iconic like that or not, which is the same of CHILDREN OF MEN, which was kind of an obscure book that had very little sort of cinematic potential. We said “Okay, we can’t tell the book as it is” and we would look at BLADE RUNNER, which was one of our favorites from the book to the film, and the challenge is, I think the soul of BLADE RUNNER the film, and the source book are exactly the same, and I think Phillip K. Dick even said that himself when he was still alive he had seen some of the film and that’s the goal. The heart and soul of it should feel exactly the same, the execution though… “Why remake AKIRA? It’s already like an animated masterpiece, why remake that film?” What you do is you take the spirit of it and you take it somewhere new so that you kind of re-imagine and re-celebrate the greatness of it through a new sort of lens, and that was always the idea was to not try to just make a live-action version of the anime, because…

He added this also:

I think people are going to be so blown away, and they will see it as another chapter of AKIRA, not trying to replace the original, or compare itself to the original, but it will become another chapter in the story of that great material. It will become another sort of manifestation of it, and it will be unbelievably cool, and people I think will look back and say “Okay, we hated you for making it,” but they will be pretty damn psyched that it got made I believe at the end of the day. So you can throw that quote back in my face dow the road if I’m wrong.

Apparently these guys had worked on the new Tomb Raider screenplay too, so it seems that they have no problem taking on ambitious projects. You should read the whole interview from the link at the bottom of the article, especially if you want to hear more about Cowboys and Aliens also. Who knows, maybe they are right though, this could be a great thing for Akira if the right peoplle come along to make it happen.

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