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Neverland – Trailer

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You know, I’ve never read Peter Pan, nor have I ever seen the play based off of the book. I’m a charlatan I know! However, that doesn’t stop me from enjoying the mythos that both Walt Disney and Robin Williams turned me onto when I was just a lad.

I never put any thought into there possibly being a relationship between James Hook and Peter Pan other than the protagonist/antagonist archetype that most kid media is based upon. That is all changed with the release of the trailer for Neverland.

It turns out that Peter and Hook were at one point friends before they all get whisked away to Neverland. Who would have guessed that Hook wasn’t the first leader of the pirates, or that the current Cap’n would look so…hot.

About the biggest name I can see in the credits for this TV series (a 4 part event) is Bob Hoskins playing Mr. Smee. Other than that, it’s anyone’s guess where the rest of the cast comes from. The series will be showing on SyFy here in the US this December 4th and 5th. I believe that you UK fans will be getting it on Sky (but don’t quote me on that).

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