Ryan Thomason

Netflix’s Next Big Bid

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It’s looking like if media companies won’t sell their top tier or even any content to Netflix, they are going to take a hand in producing the content themselves.

Deadline.com has reported that Netflix is in talks to acquire Media Rights Capital’s drama series “House of Cards,” produced and directed by David Fincher (director of ‘Social Network’)and starring friggin Kevin Spacey. According to Deadline, the talks are ongoing but Neflix has already outbid HBO and AMC with an offer in the area of $100 million. Yes, they outbid two of the biggest channels known for their drama shows, not bad for a discount movie renter.

I don’t know how many of these shows Netflix will be able to produce for their streaming/instant viewing network, “House of Cards” is a pretty caliber show to try and snag, do they have the funds to put out a multitude of shows with the risk of the show bombing with audiences so high? It seems Netflix does have some experience in producing films, though. The company’s Red Envelope Entertainment division produced more than 100 films before being shut down in 2008.

What do you guys think, Is Netflix going to be putting out the next Mad Men, True Blood, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones for the viewing public?

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