Alan Smithee

Netflix Thinks I’m Gay

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Ok, it’s not the first time in my life that I’ve heard rumors about me being a butt-pirate, but when a piece of web-based software (that’s only supposed to help me decide what movies would be a good fit for me) supposes that I am not heterosexual, I start to question it myself.

I think that this all started when I rated Brokeback Mountain a 5 star movie. It had to be that. I mean, I can understand where Netflix would think such a thing…I lettered in drama in high school, was never much of an athletic person, didn’t date much, and I really really enjoy musicals. Sure, I can see that myself that I might be a BIT light in the loafers, but how the hell does Netflix know?

This makes me want to find the creator of Netflix and give him such a slap!

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