Alan Smithee

Netflix Making Movies?

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After the success of their original series, and let’s face it…nearly all of them are pretty damn magical, Netflix has floated the idea of them not only doing original episodic TV, but also jumping into the business of making their own movies as well.

The head of content at Netflix, Ted Sarandos, gave a speech to investors where we waxed philosophically about what Netflix might be able to do in the future.

What we’re trying to do for TV, the model should extend pretty nicely to movies. Meaning, why not premiere movies on Netflix, the same day they’re opening in theaters? And not little movies — there’s a lot of ways, and lot of people to do that [already]. Why not big movies? Why not follow the consumers’ desire to watch things when they want?

Personally I don’t think that offering a movie on the same day as it comes out in the theater would be a great idea myself, but I can see where you can sell it to the masses at large by saying “Why go out and spend $45 at the movies this weekend when you can pay only $9.99 and get so much more…NETFLIX”. There, that’s how they’ll sell it. I’ll take my consultation fee now thanks.


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