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Nerdrage #1 – Continutity Errors

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I was watching a new comedy on ABC called “The Goldbergs” last night when I noticed something that bugged me, I couldn’t put my finger on it immediately but I knew that there was a disturbance in the Nerd-force that surrounds us all.

Mini Murry_Theater

The episode titled “Mini Murray” is only the third of the season and I’d be remiss to not praise the show for being good for it’s freshman run on the network. There aren’t many family sitcoms that deliver so well within the first season and I’m glad that I’m finally in that demographic where the shows are catered to my generation or are at least getting closer and closer to that goal.

My major problem, and it’s stupid as shit that I got worked up over it. With it being a period show set in the 1980s, you’d better have at least a working computer to look up simple continuity errors. Writing staff can’t be trusted to get everything right all the time, but there were some pretty bad gaps that the group that makes this show let slip through.

The premise of the episode is the youngest kid wanting to go see Poltergeist even though his mom says no. Mrs. Goldberg suggests to him that he go watch The Great Mouse Detective with his grandpa instead cause he loves movies with talking animals…the grandpa that is. Anyways, he tricks the grandpa into watching Poltergeist by convincing him that it’s really called The Great Mouse Detective and that the mouse stuff comes in at the very end. All in all it was a damn funny episode because let’s face it, that move scared the bejezus out of me when I was little so I can relate.

Only one problem…Poltergeist came out in 1982. The Great Mouse Detective…came out in 1986. WRONG, strike one.

Later in the episode as his mom is apologizing for doing something heinous to him, we see the same kid playing his NES like any child of the 1980s would have been doing, right? WRONG, NES came out in North America in the Xmas season of 1985! STRIKE TWO!

It doesn’t stop there, at the end of this episode we all learn something, none more than the father who feels he must make things right with his oldest son who dreams of becoming an NBA star, and we all know it’s the shoes that make the athlete right? So Murray does what anyone would do to make up with their kid, he buys him something. That something is none other than a fresh pair of Reebok Pumps, which came into the market in 19 friggin’ 89. A FULL 7 years after Poltegeist! STRIKE THREE! YOU’RE OUT!

That’s just being lazy. A real prime example of lazy writing, maybe a bunch of millenials have been writing the show or they just don’t care, but things like that as stupid as it may seem, drag me kicking and screaming out of the audience and into this haughty uber-geek mentality that I hate that I have within me. It wouldn’t have taken more than 3 minutes of time for them to get it right, but there it was in all of its sloppy glory, a comedy show that I took way too fucking serious.

Extra credit and I might be splitting hairs about it was a concillatory gesture from his mom was for him to go see Stripes at the dollar cinema, but that came out in 1981. You’ll have to forgive me, I was a mere babby when most of this stuff was coming about but I don’t think they showed year-old movies in the cheap seats even back then. I could be wrong but still, lazy.

/end Nerdrage

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