Alan Smithee

Nerdfights 101 – Batman vs Jesus

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Have you ever wondered who would be the victor in a close-quarters brawl between Jesus of Nazareth and The Dark Knight? Yeah, neither did I until I found this amazing conversation from Facebook.

In this particular nerdfight, we get to see a presumed atheist named Ronald take on two very devout Christians as they debate the merits and whether one mythical being could battle another mythical being…yeah, I went there.

The best bit of the whole question as to whether “Batman could beat Jesus in a match of close quarters combat” is that the whole argument essentially went rapid fire for a good 30 minutes with a few lulls in the beginning and the ending. I personally think the question wasn’t ever answered so I posit to you all in the commenting world, who WOULD win in this battle?

My money is on Batman. Not only does he know how to use tech that is drastically ahead of Sr. Christ’s time on the planet, but he’s also the world’s greatest detective who uses the image of the bat to scare people. We’ve seen that he can defeat Superman and just about any other being with godlike powers, so it’d just be a matter of time for Batman to figure out Jesus’s flashing weakpoint and throw a batarang at it.

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