Neonomicon #2

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Before we begin a warning-
This book has some very, very explicit scenes in it. Before we continue, before you buy it, you have been warned.

The last few months of waiting have been hell. Issue #1 came out in July. There has been a lot of conjecture as to what would happen in this issue, and all of my own have been wrong. With all of Moore’s work he can still surprise me, and that is high praise.

I’m not sure what will be a spoiler and what wont, because I have no idea where this will end up so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Our two FBI agents go to Salem, Mass. to investigate a lead into the string of murders. A lot guesses are made as to what part Lovecraft’s stories play in the murders, but nothing substantial is revealed. They are sent to a sex/magic shop named Whispers in Darkness (if you know your Lovecraft you know that is a variation on The Whisperer in Darkness). The FBI agents pretend to be a kinky couple interested in magic and the owner invites them to a meeting for “genuine devotees”. And I’ll stop here.

In the name of full discloser I loved and hated this issue. The reason why is that it is supposedly a four issue story, so time and pages are very valuable, however the second half of this story seems like an inconsequential tangent to the overall story arc. I do have a lot of faith in Moore, and I’m sure in the end all the puzzle pieces will fit together. The issue ended left me unsatisfied. Meanwhile with the cliffhanger ending I am left waiting to see what happens next.

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