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NeoGeo X Finally Gets More Games Next Month

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After 6 months on the market, the portable NeoGeo X is finally receiving more titles.

Blue's Journey is one of many new(?) titles coming to the NeoGeo XJust in time for Summer and only two months late from its original planned release date, Tommo and SNK Playmore are releasing fifteen new game for the console on June 25, in the form of 5 volumes. The volumes are as such:

  • Classics Volume 1: Sengoku, Metal Slug 2, Top Hunter
  • Classics Volume 2: Samurai Shodown 3, Savage Reign, Super Sidekicks 3
  • Classics Volume 3: The King of Fighters ’96, Blazing Star, Kizuna Encounter
  • Classics Volume 4: Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Shock Troopers, World Heroes 2 Jet
  • Classics Volume 5: The Last Blade, Blue’s Journey, Art of Fighting 3

Each individual pack will cost $24.99, but those planning on buying three or more volumes may want to opt for the NeoGeo X Mega Pack Volume 1, which contains all 15 games and costs $79.99. Each release includes an upgraded firmware, meant to solve initial gripes with the NeoGeo X’s less than perfect video and sound replication. Also included is a “Rocket Cable”, which allows fast charging without the docking station.

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